SharePoint Javascript error while loading a SharePoint page

How can I resolve the following SharePoint JavaScript error in SharePoint 2007?

Screenshot SharePoint JavaScript Error
Screenshot SharePoint JavaScript Error

SharePoint is a great platform if it works as expected. In this post we explain one possible solution that can help you to solve the SharePoint JavaScript error as dispalyed in the screenshot on the right.

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Description SharePoint JavaScript error:

  • An error has occurred in the script on this page.
  • Line: 1922
  • Char: 4
  • Error: Library not registered
  • Code: 0
  • URL: <applicable URL>
  • Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

Possible root-cause of SharePoint JavaScript Error: Library not registered.

  • Recently upgrade from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007;
  • Recently upgrade to Office 2010.

Possible solution to solve or fix the SharePoint JavaScript Error: Library not registered.

To fix the problem you can simply run Office Diagnostics to solve the problem.

How do I run Microsoft Office Diagnostics?

Run Microsoft Office Diagnostics in Outlook:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2007.
2. On the Help menu, click Office Diagnostics.
3. Click Continue, and then click Start Diagnostics.

Run Microsoft Office Diagnostics in Word 2003:

1. Open Microsoft Word.
2. On the Help menu, click detect and repair.
3. Check discard my customized settings and restore default settings.

Run Microsoft Office Diagnostics in Word 2007:

1. Open Microsoft Word.
2. Click on the Office button.
3. Click on Word Options.
4. Click on Resources.
5. Click Diagnose.

Run Microsoft Office Diagnostics in Word 2010:

1. Go to Programs and Features.
2. Right click Office, select Change.
3. Run the Repair.

What is SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint make it easier for people to work together and share knowledge (documents, reports, metrics, presentations e.g.). SharePoint is a platform where people can set up Web sites to share information and manage documents from start to finish.

What are the SharePoint capabilities?

Examples of the SharePoint capabilities are:

  • SharePoint Sites
    • One single infrastructure to create business Web sites. Share documents with stakeholders, manage projects with stakeholders, and publish information to stakeholders.
  • SharePoint Composites
    • Use the build no-code solutions (tools and components) for creating do-it-yourself business solutions.
  • SharePoint Insights
    • Use features like interactive dashboards and scorecards to share the business information people need to make good decisions.
  • SharePoint Communities
    • Use the SharePoint single-platform to create online-communities and make it easy for people to share ideas, work together and contribute to the organisation goals.
  • SharePoint Content
    • Use the content functionality to implement document management activities: document types, retention requirements and automatic content sorting.
  • SharePoint Search
    • Use the SharePoint Search functionality to find the right information and contacts people need to get their job done.

What is the added value of SharePoint for an organisation?

  • Reduce training and maintenance costs.
  • Save time and effort (Efficient document management)
  • Focus on higher priorities.
  • Build custom applications for specific business needs.
  • Share ideas, knowledge and expertise.
  • Easy access to business in formation what is needed to make better decisions.